starting at $3,995

Save over $3,200 when listing a $250,000 home.


Save thousands while getting complete comprehensive service.

Full Appraisal Included

Most agents can give you a great estimate of your home's value. We take it to the next level and hire a professional appraiser to value your home. This provides several advantages and helps ensure the fastest sale at the highest price.

Professional Photography

Photos are no place to cut corners. They are your home's first impression with prospective buyers. We only use the best local photographers. Unrivaled professional photos are our standard.

Experienced Agents

Most flat rate brokerages provide little to no agent support. Our agents are full time and experienced professionals commited to giving you an unrivaled home selling experience that goes above and beyond what you receive from a traditional brokerage.

Online Marketing

Don't settle for "average" marketing. We advertise your home on websites like,, Facebook,, and many more. We'll even send you daily screenshots of ads for your home on these sites.

Complete Property Website

A professionally designed website is essential. It's where we send the buyers generated by our marketing and allows us to continue to market your home to them across the internet. View a sample here.

Weekly Reports

Don't be left in the dark! We email weekly reports on a variety of metrics related to the level of interest in your home.

Explore Your Savings

Traditional Listing *


Trubrook Listing **


Your Savings

$21,000 - $15,495 =


* 3% listing agent commission + 3% buyer agent commission + $299 admin fee

** $3,995 flat rate commission + 3% buyer agent commission + $299 admin fee

Frequently asked questions

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Not a thing! In fact, we provide a higher level of service than virtually any other brokerage out there - traditional, hybrid or flat fee.

Flat rate doesn't have to mean flat service!

Most flat rate brokerages provide significantly limited services in return for a discounted commission. It's often your responsibility to provide photos, negotiate with other agents and buyers, coordinate showings and much more.

The problem is, most people have little experience with all the complexities of a real estate transaction. This is where most flat fee MLS listing services fall... Flat...

Would you feel confident handling these common issues on your own?

  • A low appraisal.
  • Serious problems on a home inspection like Radon.
  • Choosing between two or more identical offers. Is one agent or lender significantly easier to work with than another? Every real estate agent whos has a few years of experience can tell you that this can REALLY make a difference in how smoothly your transaction goes.
  • A buyer who wants dozens of minor repairs or a steep discount.
  • Problems with the buyer's loan.
  • Problems with title work.
  • Unreasonable requests from a buyer.
  • Five, ten or more offers. How do you choose the best one? Can you / should you counter multiple offers at the same time?
  • Complex negotiations in foreclosure, probate or divorce situations involving banks and/or attorneys
  • Mistakes on the settlement statement. (It happens more than you'd think)
  • Ordering title work. What title company should you use? When should you order it? Should you order pre-title?
  • What if the buyer asks for an owners policy without standard exceptions?

This is a VERY short list of the things we deal with on a regular basis for our clients.

Many flat fee brokerages provide a long list of "services" they provide such as putting your home on and Zillow, printable flyers, forms, keyboxes, a sign, digital signatures and on and on.

These are great to have. We provide all of them and much more, but what you're often not getting is professional representation and advice through every aspect of the transaction. That is what really counts.

Our full service flat rate listing program is $3,995 if you are also buying a home through us. If you are only selling, it's $4,995.

Both options have a $299 admin fee due upon listing. Either way, you can easily save thousands over a traditional listing fee of 3%.

(We strongly recommend offering a competitive buyer agent commission.)

Almost all flat rate brokerages charge their full fee up front leaving little incentive for them to get your home sold.

We believe in earning our commission. Our only up front fee is a $299 admin fee upon listing. We do not collect any commission until we have your home sold.

By leveraging technology, we work smarter and more efficiently than the average brokerage.

This allows our agents to provide superior service while earning significantly more than the majority of other real estate agents.

Full service includes everything you get with a traditional MLS listing, but we add even more.

Some "non-traditional" services we provide:

  • Full professional appraisal by an independent licensed appraiser.
  • Marketing on,,,, and many more.
  • A large QR coded yard sign unique to your home.
  • Professionally designed lead capture website for your home.

Yes, we provide a full appraisal by an independent licensed appraiser. You can be confident you are getting an accurate and unbiased price for your home.

This is also an invalable tool to have in your pocket when dealing with a lowball offers or a low appraisal from the buyer's lender.

Yes, we recommend offering a 3% commission to the buyer's agent.

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